The Truth About The First Trimester

I present to you the whole truth and nothing but the truth of the first trimester of pregnancy.


Like really, REALLY hard. Being sick for weeks on end is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. It is definitely one of the harder parts of pregnancy, but it does get easier…or so I’m told. Even with it being hard it is 100% worth it.


The word exhausted brings on a whole new meaning!

If you thought you were tired before pregnancy, this will hit you like a brick wall. You now know what it really means to be tired. Or should I say EXHAUSTED? I read somewhere that a woman’s body is working so hard during the first trimester of pregnancy it is comparable to a man hiking up a mountain daily. No big deal or anything but you are growing a whole human (Personally I want to take 3 naps a day, go to bed at 7:00 PM, and wake up around noon).


FOOD…Best friend or worst enemy?

Lets see if I can type this out without gagging. The very thought, sound, or smell of certain foods will have a first trimester mama running to the restroom (the smell of anything fried had me dry heaving and running for the nearest garbage can). Another part of food aversions is craving something so bad, finally getting it, taking one bite, and then never wanting to see that food ever again.


Bloating and boobs make you feel like a beached whale.

If you are like me I had pretty small boobs all my life so when they tripled in the first trimester you can imagine my surprise! Along with how bad they hurt. Talk about sensitive Sally! Sometimes even putting a shirt on will make you cringe. Along with the new boobs, you also get a little bloated gut. Your body is going through so many changes! Did you know your uterus doubles in size in the first few weeks? No wonder your tummy looks a little round!


The mood swings…

You will be super emotional and cry over everything good, bad, happy, sad or even things that shouldn’t cause any emotion at all. Being super happy one minute and then in a puddle of tears the next. Thanks to your hormones you will be riding this crazy train for a while! Your significant other will be so confused on why your crying, and most of the time you don’t even know.


When you actually realize what your body is doing.

You are literally growing another human. An actually living human…inside of you. Woah! I’m not sure there is anything more special than that. Even though your baby is only about the size of a plump raspberry, your body is creating a safe, comfortable, happy home for baby to hang out for the next 9 months!

It’s no wonder our bodies demand so much from us in the first few months, the changes that are happening are incredible. So instead of shaming your body or hating it, let’s give them a little praise for all of the amazing things that are happening. After all your baby feels all of those emotions too, lets create a happy environment for ourselves and our littles.


Survival Mode

It may take a while to adjust to your new reality, but I promise you that as soon as you accept it and embrace the challenges life gets a little easier. Just try not to push yourself too hard, listen to your body. It will tell you exactly what you need.

Mostly a whole lotta sleep and relaxing. Don’t feel guilty that your dishes are piled a mile high, laundry is backed up, and the rest of the house is a shit show. It can all wait. Take care of you first, I promise the laundry will still be there for when you feel up to it (the laundry fairy won’t show up and steal your clothes).


Never will you be so happy

Never will you feel so anxious. Never will you feel so excited. Never will you be so worried. Never will you feel so much love. Never will you feel so tired. Never will you be so sick. Never will you be so uncomfortable. Never will you feel so complete. Never will you be so happy.

I promise you that this little bundle of joy will bring you so much happiness you never even knew was possible.


Happy first trimester Mamas, hang in there! Xoxo

Written by Whitney Rowley