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9 Things To Do In Your Second Trimester

Compared to the first trimester the second trimester can be like a fun little vacation where you can actually enjoy being pregnant. Most often weeks 13-27 are amazing. The worst of the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, and exhaustion typically disappear! Your baby bump is usually starting to appear, making you look more pregnant and less […]

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7 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Sure you can read all the pregnancy books, take your prenatal, but here are 7 other things you have to do at least once while you’re pregnant.     Wear a swimsuit in public.   So what, your ass and thigh area have a few more dimples. Wear your belly proud! You are growing a […]

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Dos & Don’ts Of Pregnancy

Soon after you find out your pregnant you will be up at 2:00 AM googling “Is it safe to get a mani/pedi while pregnant?” I promise you. It’s like all of the sudden your brain switches to mommy mode and you have to know everything you can and can’t do. The best advice I got […]

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