Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

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Pregnancy Survival Guide For The Summer

Looking for a summer pregnancy survival guide? Look no further. Being pregnant in the summer is not always fun (at least for me, I wanted to strip down butt naked and just crawl into bed with my AC and fan going). With a few tips it can be bearable. A few of these tips might seem like a no brainer but I guarantee that they will help you so much.


Stay Hydrated

My very first tip and probably the most important one is to stay hydrated. Keep refilling that water bottle! No matter how many bathroom trips you have to make, this is vital to not feeling miserable. It is even more important to keep hydrated now that you’re pregnant. I suggest using multiple water bottles, you can have one in the freezer, one in the fridge, and then rotate them as you use them.


Loose Fitting Clothing

Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING will make you more cranky than wearing tight fitted clothing and sweating your ass off. Find loose fitted clothing, it will make all of the difference. Plus you won’t have to worry about sweat marks, if the clothes aren’t stuck to you!

If all else fails as far as clothing goes, you can always run around your house in the nude. As long as you aren’t expecting company of course!


Sun Protection

Another essential tip, avoid being outside in the sun at peak hours. Mid day is not your friend. If you must go outside be sure you are wearing a good sunscreen floppy hat, sunglass, ect. Do whatever you can to protect yourself from the sun.



I know we all love a steamy hot shower, but in your situation just take lukewarm ones. This will help cool your skin down. You can even take lukewarm baths! Just don’t take cold showers as this could send your body into shock.


Ice packs

Cold compresses, ice packs, plastic baggies filled with ice anything of the sort will help you with a quick relief. Place where needed and as often to cool yourself down. You can even use that water bottle we stuck in the freezer for later!


Ice Chips

Keep a glass of ice/ice chips next to your bed at night along with your regular water. Having a cool drink can do wonders for you.


Being pregnant in the summer isn’t always fairytales and rainbows, but you can get through it Mama! Just remember to put you and the baby first. Stay hydrated, stay inside, and maybe even stay commando! Whatever works to get you through. Xoxo

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Written by Whitney Rowley