Potty Training Tips & Tricks

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Potty training is not easy and sometimes we as parents make it even more difficult. These tips and tricks will help make potty training a little easier no matter what potty training method you use!


A positive attitude is key.

Remember that “one day they will be potty trained. Celebrate the little victories along the way, even if they seem to come with twice the amount of setbacks. A good attitude and positive outlook will be contagious (but so will a shitty one).


Small rewards work!

Encouraging your child to go in the potty and making it fun with rewards helps A LOT! Offering different types of rewards also helps, giving one after they go in the potty and another if they kept their underwear dry is an incentive to do both.



No matter how small it may seem, celebrate! This will keep it fun for you and your child. This is a time you will be very focused on your child so take advantage of it by enjoying the time spent.


Make a party box.

A party box could be a fun way to celebrate. Fill it will different “prizes” so everytime there is a successful potty trip you can pull it out.


Expect lots of accidents!

Children take time to learn so if you go into this expecting lots of accidents you’ll be much more likely to react positive.


Prepare a cleaning bucket.

Have paper towels along with other cleaning supplies in a bucket easy to access. When the accidents happen you will be ready for it. Here’s what I have in mine:



  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Small towels/paper towels
  • Multi surface cleaner
  • Disinfectant spray



Keep a container of disinfectant wipes by each toilet, especially if you are potty training a boy! As with a lot of things boys can be a bit messier than girls.


For Naptime & Nighttime Success

Some moms choose to use pull ups for nap time and at night while potty training until they stayed dry on a regular basis.

If you plan to use Pull-Ups in conjunction with real underwear, here’s some important tips:

  • DO NOT call the Pull-Ups diapers.  If you child equates them with diapers they may go in them.
  • If you child calls them diapers, gently correct them so they know they still are expected to keep them dry and clean.  We call them nap time and nighttime underwear.
  • Have your child stand up while you put them on.  Don’t lay them down and put it on like a diaper. Again, we’re enforcing the fact that this is still underwear and the goal is to keep them dry.

Even with Pull-Ups, accidents will still happen!

Have extra bedding sheets and a waterproof mattress cover clean and ready to go.  

This will save you from trying to find it at 3 AM after an accident!


Take your child to the bathroom when you go to bed.  

This will offer them a chance to empty their bladder and give them a greater chance of waking up dry in the morning.


When You Start Going Out

Keep in mind that your child will still be in the potty training stages for awhile.  Stay prepared in case of an accident.


Always have the child go potty before you leave the house. Even if they don’t feel like they need to go, have them try!


Your outlook on this will set the tone, so remember to be excited even on bad days! They will eventually get it! Good luck Mama!


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Written by Whitney Rowley