Tim & Lindsey Daley

Parents: Tim & Lindsey Daley
Location: Tampa, FL

Baby Daley will be here soon, so let’s have some fun! Guess baby’s due date, time, weight, height, and gender. Donations will go towards completing our registry (and lots and lots of diapers). The winner will receive a special gift from the parents to be! (Winner is automatically calculated and will be announced here).

Doctor's Due Date: 12/20/2020
Currently Donated: $230

Baby's Name: Henry Raymond Daley

Baby's Gender: male
Baby's Birth Date: 12/23/2020
Baby's Birth Time: 01:40 AM
Baby's Birth Weight: 8 lb, 6 oz
Baby's Birth Length: 20 inches

We have a winner!

1st Place Winner

Name: Shantell Enderle
Gender: male
Date: 12/24/2020
Time: 2:35 PM
Weight: 8 lb, 2 oz
Length: 20

2nd Place Winner

Name: Raymond M Daley
Gender: male
Date: 12/22/2020
Time: 8:24 AM
Weight: 7 lb, 2 oz
Length: 19

3rd Place Winner

Name: Heli Shultz
Gender: male
Date: 12/24/2020
Time: 2:52 PM
Weight: 8 lb, 4 oz
Length: 20