Ryan & McKenzie McDonald

Parents: Ryan & McKenzie McDonald
Location: Boise, ID 83702

We made a baby! We are so excited to welcome our little munchkin in February and thought this might be a fun and a slightly different way to involve everyone. We’ve realized it’s kind of hard to have a baby shower when you have family and friends stretching from California and Washington to Florida and New York, and a lot of states in between 🙂. If you’re feeling generous, and seriously no pressure, you can also check out our registries on the bump.com here –> https://goo.gl/AUcTXt. Winner gets $100 … Happy betting!!

It's a Girl!
Doctor's Due Date: 02/09/2018
Currently Donated: $500

Baby's Name: Maris Cameron McDonald

Baby's Birth Date: 02/06/2018
Baby's Birth Time: 12:16 PM
Baby's Birth Weight: 6 lb, 8 oz
Baby's Birth Length: 18 inches

We have a winner!

1st Place Winner

Name: Andrew Schmohr
Date: 02/06/2018
Time: 4:41 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 4 oz
Length: 18

2nd Place Winner

Name: Ryan McDonald
Date: 02/08/2018
Time: 9:43 AM
Weight: 6 lb, 8 oz
Length: 20

3rd Place Winner

Name: Lauren Lennon
Date: 02/08/2018
Time: 5:24 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 1 oz
Length: 18