Miranda and Jeff Wiley

Parents: Miranda and Jeff Wiley
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

We\’re having a baby!! At some point in the next 7 weeks… Due date is July 3 but due to my history of preterm labour I can\’t go beyond 39 weeks gestation so the latest birthday option is a C-section on June 25, 26, or 27th. There are some warning signs for early labour (short cervix if that isn\’t TMI) but my obstetrician is confident I\’ll make it to 32 weeks (May 8, a.k.a. tomorrow/this Tuesday!) with a wide open curiosity about how things will unfold after that. We never had a baby shower for Oscar due to his crazy early arrival…although he did get more than $800,000 in medical care so we were fine with not getting a diaper cake ;-). We\’d like to have a shower for baby #2 but due to the up-in-the-air-ness of the pregnancy, planning something that might get cancelled feels silly. So here we go – a classic baby shower game where loved ones around the world can all join in! $2/guess and you can make as many guesses as you like over the 50ish day window. I\’ll keep everyone updated should there be developments from OB, midwives, or oracles. That I can keep people updated en masse through the game is also a bonus for me. If you think of anyone I\’ve missed who might want to play please pass this on to them. Jeff and I will play too – we have no idea when parenthood will strike again. This high-risk pregnancy has been laden with stress but with 32 weeks under my expanding belt we\’re ready to relax and have some fun with whatever time we have left. It\’s a 50:50 draw with half of the guess donations going to the winner and half to seed a bank account for the newbie, but this game is more for the joy of building excitement around the pregnancy.

Status Updates:

June 7, 2018

Hello again! I'M STILL PREGNANT!! It's been a roller coaster of emotions and a packed schedule of baby-related appointments for the last few months but we're in the home stretch now. C-section is scheduled for 7:45am on June 27th but the unpredictability of labour is still in the air so the birthday is still anyone's guess...

May 10, 2018

Hi all,

Thank you so much for playing! I'm enjoying the guesses immensely.

Just had (what I hope is) the penultimate cervical measurement. It came in 17mm, where last week it was 19mm, and the week before it was 19.5mm, but changes are expected at/after 32 weeks.

So, if I feel anything unsettling in the next 2 weeks I am to go straight to the hospital for assessment. If baby is coming then I'll need to get steroid shots to help his/her lungs develop faster. If everything continues as is then I see the OB again in 2 weeks for a final measurement and she and I will possibly part ways after an intense 3 month relationship.

After 34 weeks baby no longer gets the steroids so that's my next mini-goal (May 22).

I have appointments with my midwives booked for weeks 36, 37, and 38, and am still awaiting the date of the scheduled C-section final end point at 39 weeks.

It's still anyone's guess! Baby is active but I am not. Essential activity only, so if someone fetches me the laundry I can fold it while sitting but that's my limit. I'm a lego mum, not a soccer mum.

More info as it unfolds...

Doctor's Due Date: 06/27/2018
Currently Donated: $424

Baby's Name: Arwen Adam Zoe Wiley

Baby's Gender:
Baby's Birth Date: 06/27/2018
Baby's Birth Time: 08:22 AM
Baby's Birth Weight: 7 lb, 9 oz
Baby's Birth Length: 20 inches

We have a winner!

1st Place Winner

Name: Jeff Wiley
Date: 06/27/2018
Time: 8:29 AM
Weight: 7 lb, 3 oz
Length: 17

2nd Place Winner

Name: Jeff Wiley
Date: 06/27/2018
Time: 8:09 AM
Weight: 7 lb, 0 oz
Length: 17

3rd Place Winner

Name: Matthew Breech
Date: 06/28/2018
Time: 1:15 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 4 oz
Length: 17