Joe and Lauren Marquardt

Parents: Joe and Lauren Marquardt
Location: Oldwick, NJ

Baby girl Marquardt is on the way due to be with us in August. Official due date is 8/31/18. Have some fun and place your bet with what you think her stats will be. Every bet made will contribute to baby Marquardt’s 529 College Fund. The winner gets bragging rights on knowing the couple best ! Suggested starting bet is $10.00.

It's a Girl!
Doctor's Due Date: 08/31/2018
Currently Donated: $385

Baby's Name: Logan Brooke Marquardt

Baby's Birth Date: 08/28/2018
Baby's Birth Time: 01:09 PM
Baby's Birth Weight: 6 lb, 11 oz
Baby's Birth Length: 20 inches
Average Due Date: 09/03/2018
Average Due Time: 06:31 AM
Average Weight: 7 lbs, 13 oz
Average Length: 19 inches

We have a winner!

Name: Maryanne Buccarelli Buccarelli
Date: 08/28/2018
Time: 12:00 AM
Weight: 8 lb, 2 oz
Length: 20