Jason and Jordyn Maestas

Parents: Jason and Jordyn Maestas
Location: Tampa, Florida US

Jason and Jordyn are expecting their 3rd child this week! Older sisters, Jadyn (3yrs) & Jace (17 months) are just as excited to welcome a little brother or sister into their happy family. No name has been locked in yet but it’s a sure bet it’ll begin with “J”! Since they live in Tampa with limited family nearby let’s shower the little “J” with a fun baby pool! Since the baby can come very soon we will only run this pool for 3 days and the winner will win 1/4 of the pool !!!

Doctor's Due Date: 03/17/2018
Currently Donated: $471

Baby's Name: Jay Jaxon Maestas

Baby's Gender:
Baby's Birth Date: 03/16/2018
Baby's Birth Time: 01:29 AM
Baby's Birth Weight: 6 lb, 8 oz
Baby's Birth Length: 19 inches

We have a winner!

1st Place Winner

Name: Debbie Maestas
Date: 03/16/2018
Time: 1:45 AM
Weight: 7 lb, 8 oz
Length: 20

2nd Place Winner

Name: Rene Harney
Date: 03/16/2018
Time: 3:28 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 2 oz
Length: 16

3rd Place Winner

Name: Paige Chavez
Date: 03/16/2018
Time: 5:30 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 12 oz
Length: 19