Francie & Joel Abramson

Parents: Francie & Joel Abramson
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Hi everyone! We’re putting together this pool as a fun way to actually drive some donations to a couple of issues that are near and dear to our (and “Babramson’s”) heart already. Please feel free to play without any monetary donation, but if you do choose to donate to “us”, know that we’ll be splitting the pot between March of Dimes {} and Snow City Arts {}, in honor of two of our friends who we’ll certainly be thinking of right around the time he or she is born. The actual winner of the pool gets #BraggingRights for life!

Doctor's Due Date: 09/23/2018
Currently Donated: $440

Baby's Name: Arthur Fairchild Abramson

Baby's Gender: male
Baby's Birth Date: 09/19/2018
Baby's Birth Time: 08:23 AM
Baby's Birth Weight: 6 lb, 12 oz
Baby's Birth Length: 21 inches

We have a winner!

1st Place Winner

Name: Arianna Gavzy
Gender: male
Date: 09/22/2018
Time: 12:08 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 10 oz
Length: 24

2nd Place Winner

Name: Amanda and ryan Gintoft
Gender: male
Date: 09/22/2018
Time: 7:17 PM
Weight: 7 lb, 12 oz
Length: 21

3rd Place Winner

Name: Paul Valenstein
Gender: male
Date: 09/23/2018
Time: 8:00 AM
Weight: 7 lb, 8 oz
Length: 20