❄ Snow ❄ Naked Kisses Dog Rescue

Parents: ❄ Snow ❄ Naked Kisses Dog Rescue
Location: Bradenton, FL

9-22-18 Update:
As you all probably know, our foster, Snow, lost her puppies yesterday. Her foster mom took her in to the vet because what had seemed like the beginnings of labor weren’t progressing as expected. It turned out that all three of the puppies were dead, with one being reabsorbed into her body. Our vet did an emergency c-section to remove the deceased babies and spayed Snow at the same time. Snow is recovering in her foster home.

We truly appreciate the donations that were made in the puppy pool to go toward the medical costs for Snow and her puppies, and we also appreciate the outpouring of kind words and support throughout this short time she has been with our rescue. The puppy pool raised $453, and Snow’s medical bills to date are $970, with the bloodwork, c-section and meds being $625 of it. She has yet to be vaccinated, microchipped or receive a much needed dental, and that will all come when she is fully recuperated.

We know a lot of people were very excited when guessing the day and time for Snow’s impending arrival of puppies, and if you feel you need to discuss your donation, please message us directly. We hope everyone knows that all the donations made are going directly toward her medical care, and any further donations to help toward her veterinary costs would be very welcomed. We cannot do what we do to help these dogs in need on our own.

As for the necklace that was donated to our rescue as a prize for the puppy pool, we would like to do a random lottery and pick a name from those who have donated, and that person will receive the necklace in remembrance of Snow and her unborn puppies. Hopefully when people ask about the necklace, her story can be told to help others understand the perils of unaltered animals, backyard breeding and how unfair it is to the innocent little beings subjected to that life. We will pick a name and announce the recipient by noon tomorrow (9/23).

Thank you all for your continued support in our rescue efforts.

Doctor's Due Date: 09/28/2018
Currently Donated: $468
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Average Gender: female
Average Due Date: 09/26/2018
Average Due Time: 12:35 PM
Average Length: 2
Average Weight: 0 lbs, 5 oz