Starting An Online Baby Pool Shower Game

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Host An Online Baby Pool At Your Baby Shower

Yes, the Baby Pool Shower Game. You know the one where you guess on the birth of your baby. Not the small baby swimming pool that you and your friends used to feel boujee in on a hot summer day in college! But a legitimate online baby pool guessing game.

Hosting an online baby pool is a great way for your friends, family and co-workers near and far to get involved in the joy of your pregnancy and little one on the way. Online Baby pools are also a great way for group gifting your big ticket items like strollers, cribs, car seats, or moms must have Gucci diaper bag. An online baby pool is a game where each participant guesses what the birthdate, gender, length and weight your beautiful child might be. Whoever’s guess is closest, wins the game.

The Baby Pool Game

The Guessing Period: You normally want to start your baby pool several weeks before the baby shower or the baby’s due date. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to collect guesses from your friends, family and co-workers who may not be attending the baby shower or if you have opted for a virtual baby shower. This is also a great way to get dad and all his buddies involved in the shower as well. Think March Madness, but for your child… The game ends once the baby is born and the birth details are announced.

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What to Guess: The due date is the ultimate winning factor for the online baby pool but with only so many options for days, it can result in many ties. So adding time, weight and length as tie breakers is important. Make sure your guessers include all of the below options:

  1. Gender: If gender is a secret, this is the most important guess factor as it is a 50/50 chance.
  2. Birthdate: This is why your guessers are here, they want to make their predictions on when that little one will actually arrive.
  3. Time of day:: This will help as a tie breaker and is another important guess for your participants as there are 24 hours in each day so it gives you an easier chance to close in on a winner.
  4. Weight: This guess will be in pounds and ounces.
  5. Length: This guess will be in whole inches.

Calculating the winner: After is baby is born you will take all the birth details and put them into the “Baby is Born” feature on our site and we will calculate the winner for you through these factors:

  1. If gender was a secret, this will eliminate all people who guessed the wrong gender first.
  2. The closest guesser to the due date wins.
  3. Oh SNAP! You have a tie? No problem, we will narrow down one winner for you as follows:
    • Tiebreaker 1: Closest person to time of birth. If there is still a tie…
    • Tiebreaker 2: Closest person to baby’s weight. If there is still a tie…
    • Tiebreaker 3: Closest person to the baby’s length. If there is still a tie, then you and your guessers need to go buy some lotto tickets ASAP!

Collecting Guesses: The site will collect and show all guesses made on your baby pool.

Great for fathers-to-be: Running a baby pool is the best way to get the dads involved because it’s similar to march madness, just betting on your baby and not basketball!

The Stakes: The stakes are up to the pool host. The online baby pool rules should clearly state if the winner is going to get anything like a gift card, bragging rights, to name the baby, etc.

Etiquette: When hosting an online baby pool you need to clearly state what your pool rules are so everyone involved knows what is happening. Example: “Guess Jimmy’s birthday! Our pool buy in is $5 per guess and the winner takes half while the rest goes to Jimmy’s diaper fund.”  Just make sure people know what the rules are.

The Cost: BabyBety’s Online Baby Pool is free to set up but we do collect a very small percentage in order to maintain the website, that guesses are calculated right, and that privacy is held to the highest standard.

Hosting Your Online Baby Pool

Your in luck, our site does everything for you. Once you sign up and create your online baby pool we will collect the guesses, add your pregnancy updates, tally the money and when you announce the birth details we will calculate the winner.

More Than Just an Online Baby Pool Website

BabyBety has many other features including a parenting blog, a universal registry, and more.

Written by Whitney Rowley