Old Wives Tales In Pregnancy

Old Wives Tales In Pregnancy. Pregnancy Wives Tales. Wives Tales For Pregnancy. Old wives tales for pregnancy. A pregnant woman holding a blue pig in one hand and a pink pig in the other hand symbolizing old wives tales in pregnancy.

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Old Wives Tales In Pregnancy

For parents wanting to know the gender of their baby, the anticipation of waiting to find out is almost painful. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Even if you have agreed to wait until delivery to find out the gender, you can’t help but wonder! Until the big reveal here are a few old wives tales in pregnancy to think over.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #1: Morning Sickness

Old wives’ tale says that if you are struggling with morning sickness, it is most likely a girl. Not running to the bathroom to throw up? Boy.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #2: It’s all in the bump

They say that if you are all belly then you are having a boy. If your weight is more dispersed, it’s a girl. Also the placement of your bump says a lot about the gender. Carrying low? Boy! More belly up top? Girl.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #3: Sweet or Salty?

Cravings in full swing! Do your midnight cravings have you reaching for something savory and sweet? Girl. Rather have something sour and salty? Think boy.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #4: Pitter Patter

That sweet sound of your baby’s heartbeat is also said to determine the gender. In this parenting wives tale, if the heartbeat is above 140, you’re expecting a girl. Below 140, it’s a baby boy.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #5: Extra Clumsy?

Do you have the case of the dropsies? It is said that if you are feeling extra clumsy these days plan for a boy. If you’re still graceful, it’s a girl.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #6: All the burping

If you are experiencing heartburn, burping, and reaching for antacids, you can thank your baby girl. If you aren’t noticing it much it could be a boy!


Pregnancy Wives Tales #7: Ups and Downs

Are you feeling all of the feels? Are you happy one minute and in a puddle of tears the next? It’s a girl. If you’re keeping your shit together, it’s a boy.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #8: Luscious Locks

Is your hair growing at a crazy rate(not just on your head) and look absolutely beautiful? Think blue. They say that “girls steal your beauty” so if your hair is looking dull and lifeless think pink.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #9: Got that glow?

Are you receiving lots of compliments on your skin? Thank your baby boy! Once again girls steal your beauty, so if you are reaching for the acne products you can thank your sweet little girl.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #10: Ring Test

Time for another test, except this one doesn’t involve peeing on a stick! Place a ring on a string, necklace, or even a piece of hair. Have someone else hold it over your belly. According to this old wives tale in pregnancy, if the ring moves in a circle, you’re having a girl. If the ring moves side to side, you’re having a boy.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #11: Linea Nigra

That dark line that is on your belly can tell you a lot. Does it start above your belly button? Think blue. If it starts below your belly button think pink.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #12: Right or Left

If you sleep on your left side you are most likely having a boy. Right side sleeper? Girl.


Pregnancy Wives Tales #13: Guarding Off Vampires

This is a test that can get a little smelly! They say that if a woman eats a lot of garlic but you can’t really smell it on her afterwards, it’s a girl. If it’s seeping out of her pores well enough to guard off vampires it’s a boy!


Pregnancy Wives Tales #14: Cold Feet?

Can’t warm up your toes? Think blue. If you haven’t noticed a chill in your feet, most likely its a girl!


None of these old wives tales in pregnancy are a sure fire way to predict the gender of your babe but they sure are fun until you can find out!

Good luck on waiting Mama! Xoxo

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Written by Whitney Rowley