How To Get Your Toddler To Stay In Their Bed

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When it comes that time to transition your toddler from a crib to a daytime bed, well good luck mama. As soon as they figure out they can get out of their bed it is game on. As parents we can all relate on a personal level that this is a very testing time. However there are a few tips and tricks to encourage your toddler to stay in their own bed.


  • Putting Toys Away

They believe we are trying to suck every bit of fun they can possibly have out, so anything that in the slightest that can be looked at as more fun than sleeping needs to be put away. Out of sight out of mind.


  • Use A Baby Gate

If you choose to leave their door open, using a baby gate to keep them in their room is an option. This way they aren’t roaming the house doing who knows what. Since you’ve already put away the toys there is no fun to be had and they will soon figure out to get back into bed.


  • Wear Them Out

The more energy they have the harder it will be for them to settle down. Wear them out! One of my little girls favorite places to go is to Jump time. It is a big indoor trampoline park, Mommy and me package deal $8.50 – my baby girls nap time – PRICELESS.


  • Do Not Respond

It’s obvious when there is a reason your toddler is out of bed (thirsty, needs a drink, bad dream etc..) but when they show up quietly creepily staring at you, they are generally just avoiding going to sleep.  The best approach is to take their hand and quietly walk them back to bed. Tuck them back in and say nothing until you are done getting them in bed and then just say a simple but firm good night. Do not make this fun or you will find them right out of bed again – boring and uneventful is key.


Try not to get too frustrated this too will pass. Toddlers love to see what the boundaries are and they love even more to push them. Keep a positive approach and they will soon be staying in their bed.


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Written by Whitney Rowley