Online Baby Pool FAQs

How is the online baby pool winner determined?

The person in the online baby pool who guesses closest to or on the baby’s birth date is the winner. If the gender of the baby is a secret then the gender will be the first eliminating factor, then closest to the due date wins.  In the event of a tie the person closest to the birth time will be crowned the winner.  If there is still a tie, the person who guessed closest to the baby’s birth weight (pounds and ounces) will be crowned.  If for some divine reason there is still a tie the one closest to the baby’s birth length will be announced as the winner.  If at that point there is STILL a tie, Our very own Matt will get a tattoo of the baby’s face somewhere on his body (this is a joke, his body is a temple).


Do you allow multiple donations per person?

Yes we allow multiple donations. You can load up your stroller (aka shopping cart) with many donations and have 1 form of payment to check out. This is a GREAT option for a baby shower! However, we are still working on being able to add multiple guesses from multiple pools as an option. So you can only make multiple donations at once for the same pool!


What if I want to give more or less than the suggested donation amount?

Totally fine! The suggested donation amount is just that. You can give as little or as much as you would like.


What if we are having twins, triplets, or more?

If you are having twins or more, set up multiple pools. Twins or more are never delivered at the exact same time and rarely the exact same size.


Does everyone I invite have to register an account?

Only the person who creates the pool has to create an account. Anyone who gets invited doesn’t have to register their own account.


Is my country supported?

BabyBety accepts payment from anywhere in the world. However, we are based out of North America so guesses will be processed in USD but will be payed out in your currency.

If you need more information please contact us at whitney@babybety.com


Why can’t I use PayPal for my online baby pool on BabyBety?

Stripe is the payment processor that we use but you will be able to use your PayPal or Venmo to receive your pool funds once the baby has been announced.


How do payouts work?

Once you have set up your pool, you will not be able to receive donations until your phone number has been verified. There will be a red button that you will use to get a code text to your phone in order to verify. Once you set up your account you will be able to accept donations. However, you will not be able to except your payout until you close the pool and announce the winner. You do this by clicking the “Baby Is Born” button. If you are looking to close your pool before entering the birth details you will hit the same button just don’t enter details. This will close your pool and allow you to get your funds but will not determine a winner until you enter brith details! Once you click the “request funds” button (only available after the pool is closed) you will fill out the form, confirm via the 2 factor authentication aka text code and we will send funds right away to your given Paypal or Venmo account. You MUST have an account with PayPal or Venmo. Please watch the set up video on our How It Works page if you have any questions or concerns. * You need to make sure that you have an actual account set up in either PayPal or Venmo, because if you don’t then you end up paying the payout fee instead of us which we don’t want so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL ACCOUNT!


Does BabyBety give me donations?

It’s up to you to invite friends and family to donate to your campaign. BabyBety does not share or promote any pools as they are all private and meant for the parents personal networks, unless discussed with the pool host before hand.


How do I collect funds?

You must close your pool in order to receive funds. This happens by hitting the “baby is born” button. You can enter birth details or not it’s up to you but you have to close the pool in order to receive funds. Once you close the pool the “request funds” button will become available. You will hit this button, enter payment details (Venmo/PayPal account name, you must include all dashes, dots or numbers, exactly how it looks on your Venmo/PayPal for the name), then you will enter the 2 factor verification number to make sure that you are the pool host and bam we get a request funds message and funds will be sent within 3-5 days!


How do your fees work?

Setting up and running a pool is free for parents/pool hosts.  BabyBety as well as our payment processor adds a 10% +.30 cent fee onto each transaction. Example: A donation of $5 will equal $5.80. The $5 total goes to the pool host/parents and the rest of the fee goes to using our payment processor and site maintenance. 


What about taxes and stuff?

Since everyone’s situation is very different, we’re unable to provide tax advice. However, if you receive a significant amount in donations (over $600) you might need to claim as a gift on taxes but like above we are not tax professionals so it would be wise to ask if you receive more than $600.


How does the registry work?

Our BabyBety registry is a universal registry meaning that you can add any item from any store to your registry. A one stop shop for your friends and family. You can also use your baby pool as a way to group gift for the big ticket items on your registry.


What If I don’t see the item I want in the registry?

If you don’t see a certain item then just request the item by pressing the Request A Gift button at the top of your registry page. Then add the link to the item you want and we will add it to the registry within 24 hours after we check the item and make sure it is appropriate. If the item is not uploaded within 24 hours please email whitney@babybety.com


Can I connect my Pool & Registry?

Yes you can! We encourage you to connect the two in order to use the baby pool as a way to do group gifting for your big ticket registry items like strollers, cribs or car seats.


Why did we start BabyBety?

We created this baby guessing game to help expecting families while having a little fun. Learn more about why we started our online baby due date guessing game.