How To Create A Successful Pool

Creating a baby pool is easy. However, creating a successful pool takes a little bit of work so read below to find out how.

1. Start sharing sooner rather than later
The stigma behind creating and sharing a baby pool is to wait till the last month of pregnancy to tell everyone about your pool.  That stigma is so 1999 (great year). What will create bigger success is starting early, targeting different groups and sharing pregnancy updates with friends and family. The more time people have to place guesses the more donations that you will be able to raise toward baby costs, nursery costs, college funds, or what ever you plan on using the money for.

2. Targeting different social groups/networks
Now that you have set up your pool you need to share with your network(s). This is where targeting different groups comes in. There is really no wrong or right here but we have seen a quite a few different variations.  One in particular is to start with immediate family. Share with them only via email or a Facebook group to give them first choice on guesses. Within the next day to week, share with the rest of the family and your closest friends. After that, share with all of your friends on social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn) will bring in more of those crisp dollar bills to your pool. Adding your pool link to your bio of your social channels is also a great way to remind people.

3. Send updates through BabyBety
In your pool you have the option to create updates and share with everyone. You can share updates such as how big the baby is, how big the pot is, or what the pool has helped with so far. Either way this keeps people informed but also reminds them to place a guess or maybe add another guess if the odds are increasing.

These are the best most simple ways to get people to come and guess on your new addition.  It really all comes down to sharing, sharing again, and then share some more.  Once you’ve done all that… SHARE IT ONE MORE TIME 😉

I hope this is helpful for you.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to for some help.


Written by Whitney Rowley