How To Create A Online Baby Due Date Pool

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What Is A Online Baby Due Date Pool?

A online baby due date pool is one of the more popular baby shower games you will participate in. It has actually become so popular, it’s not just for baby showers anymore. Many expecting parents are setting up their baby pool game and inviting people from all over to participate. In fact, this is a great way to get the baby’s father and his friends involved and excited for the pregnancy too! However, creating a successful online baby pool takes a little bit of work so read on for our recommendations.

How To Create A Online Baby Due Date Pool With BabyBety

Creating your online baby pool is fast and easy with BabyBety. Follow these simple steps and you will be off to the races and collecting donations in no time!

Remember BabyBety is not a gambling site so please avoid using any gambling type terms in your description as our payment processor could shut you down.

1. Register and Create Your Online Baby Due Date Pool

Register & create your BabyBety account. Don’t worry though. Only your host is required to create an account. We won’t ask all your friends to create one too.

Enter Your Online Baby Pool Details

  • Create an Account by inputting a unique username and choosing an easy to remember but secure password
  • Click Register
  • Enter the parents names
  • Enter your location (not required, unless connecting a registry so users know where to send the gifts)
  • Upload a photo (not required)
  • Update the projected due date
  • Select the baby’s gender (or select It’s a secret)
  • Update the baby’s name (not required)
  • Set the Suggested Donations to whatever amount you would like
  • Enter the rules for your specific online baby pool (please remember that BabyBety is not a gambling site so try to avoid using terms like bet, betting or gambling in your description)
  • Click Create

2. Set Up Stripe To Receive Your Donations

This is the red connect stripe button on your dashboard that will enable you to receive funds. You do not need to have a business account to set up a stripe account. However, in order to receive your donations you must set up a stripe account. Please check out our Stripe Set Up list below to help you through the steps.

  • Click the red Connect Stripe for Payments button
  • Select your country
  • Enter your address under Business Address (It can be your home address)
  • Enter your phone number under Business Phone Number (It can be your personal number)
  • Select “Individual, sole proprietor, or single-member LLC under Type Of Business
  • Leave the EIN Number blank
  • Input Your Name or Pool Name under Business Website (if it makes you use an actual website use your pool url)
  • Select “Software as a service” under Business Description
  • Add a few words in the description box about your pool (i.e. diapers for new baby)
  • Select “Within one day” under How long after paying will your customers typically receive their goods or services?
  • Enter Your Name
  • Enter your job title or leave it blank
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter the last four of your social
  • Enter your address
  • Enter BabyBety in the statement descriptor
  • Enter your phone number under Business Phone Number
  • Toggle over to Use Business Address and it should put in your address from above.
  • Enter your bank’s routing number
  • Enter your account number
  • Set up Two-Step authorization
  • To save your stripe account, enter an email and password.
  • Click the purple Authorize button

3. Collect Your Donations

Share your guess the due date game with friends and family and watch the donations come in. There is a donation tracker on your pool as well as a guess tracker which will help keep people up to date on pool details.

4. Determine Your Online Baby Pool Winner

Once the baby is born, enter all the birth details and our site will calculate the winner for you as well as second and third place. #braggingrights

Tips For Generating The Most Success From Your Online Baby Due Date Pool

Want to maximize the participation in your guess the due date game and the amount you receive in donations? Here are some great tips to ensure the success of your online baby pool.

How to Host A Online Baby Due Date Pool

First off lets address that there are a couple ways to host a “Guess when baby will be born game”.  You can create this through printable baby shower games, or you can create a online baby due date pool.  The best thing about hosting your baby guessing game online through BabyBety is that all guesses are tracked and bets are deposited directly into the parents Stripe account. Use it to help with big ticket baby registry items, starting a college fund, extending maternity leave, or assisting on the unforeseen expenses that may arise with bringing a little into this world. Below are some recommendations for you to have a successful online baby due date pool!

Allow plenty of time for due date guesses to roll in

We recommend that you set up your baby due date pool 8-16 weeks (or more) before baby arrives. There have been parents that will wait until the last few weeks to set up their baby guessing game online. As the baby due date countdown nears, you never know when your little will decide to arrive. Giving your friends and family plenty of time to get a guess in on your baby pool will help create more excitement and drive more guesses for your baby gender, birth date, time, weight, height, and length!

Online baby due date guessing game. Online baby pool. Baby due date pool. Baby shower game.

This pool was created in April 2019 allowing for more than 4 months of baby pool guessing.

Share your baby due date pool at your baby shower

A baby due date pool started as a baby shower game so it’s only natural that having the online version of it at your baby shower will make a splash. Set up your online baby prediction game then let all your guests know as they walk in to go to, find your virtual baby pool and place their baby due date bets. It doesn’t matter if you are having a traditional baby shower for women only or a coed baby shower, a baby pool you can place money on is a good way to get Dad and his friends in on the fun of your baby betting pool! You can thank us later for changing a traditional baby shower game into an interactive modern baby shower game.  Side note, check out our blog on Baby Shower Planning.

coed baby shower. baby guessing game.

BabyBety is perfect for coed baby showers and getting the men involved in your baby due date pool!

Make Your Online Baby Due Date Pool rules clear

Everyone will play this game a little different. So make sure you state your games rules in the “my story” section of your baby guessing game. If your guessers know what exactly they are placing a guess on, they will be more inclined to donate more. There are many different ways to play and your baby pool rules are entirely up to you! You can give the whole pot to the winner, split the pot with the winner and the parents-to-be, you can use the pot to pay for expensive baby gear, start a college fund for baby, donate the pot to charity, fund the most beautiful baby nursery ever, help pay for extra maternity/paternity leave. Sky is the limit on how you want to play your baby prediction game.

Make sure the rules are clear and everyone knows what to expect when they place a guess on your pool. 

Send baby due date countdown updates directly through BabyBety

In your pool you have the option to create updates and share with everyone. You can share updates such as how big the baby is, how big the baby pool pot is, or what your due date baby pool has helped with so far. Either way this keeps people informed. It reminds them to place an initial guess or put in another guess when the baby will be born. If the odds are increasing, people love to win so they may come back for seconds or even thirds!

Enjoy watching the online baby pool money stack up.

These are the best ways to get people to come and guess on your new addition. We have made it as easy as possible to set up, host, and manage a baby pool.  We did it the manual way and it was hectic to track down all the guesses and money.  Here, it’s a one stop shop and all the money goes directly to the baby pool admin’s bank account they set up with our payment processor Stripe.

Please keep in mind that our site does take a service fee per donation. To learn more about that please visit our FAQs page.

To get the most guesses it really all comes down to sharing as much about your pregnancy and your online baby pool with your friends.  Share, share, share, share again, and then share some more.  Once you’ve done all that… SHARE IT ONE MORE TIME 😉

I hope this is helpful for you.  If you are wanting to host a online baby pool for your baby shower games, but don’t want to have friends or family bet there are 2 other great options online that don’t allow you to collect money.  Go look at Baby Hunch and Baby Bookie

As always, I hope you found this helpful. I am here if you have any questions or feedback on our online baby pool guessing game. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to for any needs you might have.

Have a wonderful day!


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