Tips For Choosing Your Baby’s Amber Teething Necklace

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We recently talked about our top 4 natural teething remedies, and now we are back with tips on choosing what Baltic Amber teething necklace to buy your babe. Along with how to use it properly.

I realize that the whole “wear a necklace to help stop teething pain” might sound a bit out there to you but hear me out.

Baltic Amber has a natural healing property, it’s a live resin that contains succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your baby’s skin, working like a natural Ibuprofen. Your baby doesn’t actually chew on the necklace – the amber simply must rest on your baby’s skin, and then the magic happens!

Make sure it is AUTHENTIC, the number one mistake of buying a amber necklace is not buying from a reputable seller. There are so many fakes on the internet – so like always do your own research, read vendor reviews, and ask questions if you feel it necessary.

Of course, the necklace you pick should be SAFE for your sweet babe to wear. Some things to look for are if they are made with strong thread such as silk (to hold the beads together), there should be knots tied between each bead to help secure them (this will help prevent choking, should the necklace break), as well as small beads if they manage to get one off and swallow it.

Your baby should wear the necklace as much as possible. CONSTANT WEAR (supervised), will maximize the effect. The longer the amber is against their skin the more of the natural healing analgesic they will absorb – and the happier everyone will be!

Last but certainly not least is style. Once you are sure that the necklace is authentic then you can get funky with the style! Some necklaces come with purple amethyst stones with the amber, rose quarts, or dusty quarts (black). Just make sure it also has amber on it. Thats the main ingredient to happy teethers. Since babe will be wearing it for long periods of time and for months or years its totally okay to add a little style.

I hope these tips help you find the right necklace for your sweet one!

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Written by Whitney Rowley