Advice For Dealing With Pregnancy Hormones

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The reality of pregnancy hormones and how it impacts your emotions is overwhelming. You are not alone. I am not a doctor, and will ALWAYS encourage someone to seek professional help. I do however understand and know first hand, that you might be wondering if pregnancy has made you crazyI understand all too well that pregnancy hormones can make you feel crazy. I don’t know how many times I found myself crying over the smallest things that I would have normally brushed off, no big deal. These hormones and mood swings are very, very real.

They can also have you feeling very vulnerable and alone. I think so many mama’s can relate to feeling guilty that they are having these feelings. One minute you are happy, the next you are crying, or mad, or even feeling annoyed. The worst part is you keep asking yourself “Why in the hell can’t I be happy… I’m pregnant?!”. The answer is, you are pregnant. This shit is hard. Your whole life is changing and so is your body. It is a lot to take in and grasp.

I have found that making a few changes in my daily life helped a ton! This is a list of suggestions I have made, that have helped me get through these crazy hormones.



Make a routine and stick to it. Having consistency in your daily life will give your brain less time to wander and make things up to stress about. It will also help you remain calm if you know what your day holds and what needs to get done.


Healthy Eating Habits

Surprise. Eating healthy actually helps your brain function! Instead of emotional eating by stuffing yourself full of cookies, try to make healthier choices that will keep you fuller longer. For me the pregnancy hanger was so real. I found that if I ate smaller meals more frequently, I was much happier and not as sick. In turn, not being as sick made me a much happier lady. I wasn’t battling trying to pretend I was fine, when in fact I was nauseous and exhausted.


Keep Hydrated

The more water the better. Water helps flush out toxins from the body. This will also help you feel physically better, and also emotionally better. You have to take care of yourself in all aspects. If you aren’t physically feeling well how can you emotionally be okay? Vice Versa.


Nest Away

Enjoy every second of the nesting phase. Cleaning, organizing, decorating, is all part of the fun journey. Making your house a home will bring you so much happiness. I always loved decorating but thinking about having my own family in my own home was so exciting. If you aren’t in your nesting phase yet, hop on Pinterest to start pinning ideas for when you are.



I personally had a really tough first trimester, I was super nauseous and sick all of the time. Which made eating feel like a chore. My favorite dishes had soon become repulsive to me. I had to start cooking more and trying new recipes. It worked out great, I started eating healthier, I was able to fix my cravings, and I didn’t feel as gross after I would eat. For some of you this maybe a normal thing, but for me I didn’t do much of the cooking before pregnancy. It really helped me be able to distract myself from having time to feel crazy.



Being able to physically workout helped me so much. It was the perfect outlet. If I was upset I could literally go walk it off. If I was sad, I could go walk it off. The release of the endorphins will have your mind in the right place.


Gain Perspective

As hard as pregnancy can be for some women, remember that this is only temporary. This is only 10 months. In a year you will look back and most likely laugh at how dramatic everything was.


If you feel as though this is more than just pregnancy hormones, talk to your doctor. You aren’t  alone going through this. Remember to take a deep breath, all of the emotions you are feeling, dramatic or not, are valid. Sometimes we just need different outlets to understand and cope through them. You can do this Mama! Xoxo

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Written by Whitney Rowley