7 Of The Worst Baby Shower Games You Should Avoid

Worst Baby Shower Games. An image of a diaper with melted candy bars in them representing BabyBety's article on Worst Baby Shower Games.

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The Worst Baby Shower Games That you Should Avoid

The baby shower, the right of passage for new moms that most people hate going to. Don’t get me wrong, the baby shower is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed but can we make it worth going to yet?!

I have gone to a baby shower as a single woman, a married woman without children and as a mom and I can tell you that each time I felt the same way, bored. I have never liked watching people open gifts let alone a woman that has no idea what some items are for and why she received them in a basket full of other items she has no idea what they are (I’m talking to you Karen with your gripe water). Whether you agree or not, I do think that the open gifts part of the party can be left to the end and for the women that really want to see it (please give your guests a schedule and an out if they don’t want to watch). However, we still have to solve the issue of bringing the fun to the party. Booze helps but not everyone can or wants to drink so I have put together a list of games that you should truly avoid if you want to have fun as well as keep your friends after the party has ended.

1. Eat Poop out of a Diaper

The first game in our list of worst baby shower games is the Eat Poop out of a Diaper game. If you plan on playing this game, just stop. I’d suggest you put away the planning notes and take a 15 minute break. Then when you come back, start with a new idea. Very few people actually like this game. If you melt a candy bar and put it in a perfectly good diaper and ask your guests to eat it, there might be something wrong with you. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad but it’s pretty close. Save your guests some embarrassment and disgust by skipping this horrible baby shower game.

2. Chew Gum in the Shape of a Baby

Remember when you were a kid and you got gum? It was a special treat for most. But there was always one rule that every mom had: Gum stays INSIDE of your mouth. What is it about baby showers that make people forget this important rule? Unfortunately another common game I see people play but it actually makes your guests cringe is the Chew Gum in the Shape of a Baby game. Asking guests to chew a piece of gum into the shape of a baby and display it for the world to see makes us want to find a restroom and camp out until “the coast is clear”.

3. How Much Did Mommy Gain?

Do I really need to explain why this game is to be avoided like the Coronavirus?! Nothing says: “AWKWARD!” like trying to guess how much weight the mom-to-be has put on during her pregnancy. The How Much did Mommy Gain game is by far one of the worst baby shower games known.

4. How Big is Mommy’s Belly

Are you serious? You want to wrap a string around mommy’s belly and say: “I think this is how big you have gotten!” Honestly, who’s bright idea was it to take an already hormonal pregnant woman and tell guests to guess how big her belly has gotten during pregnancy? Similarly to the How Much did Mommy Gain game, this one is a horrible baby shower game.

5. Feed the Baby Milk

Want to make sure men will never go to another co-ed baby shower again? Humiliate them with this horrible baby shower game. In this bad baby shower game, the men sit in the laps of the women and the women have to feed the men from a bottle. This is one of the worst baby shower games I’ve ever witnessed. It seriously felt like I was in the twilight zone as I watched men begrudgingly be humiliated.

6. Show Us Your Hot Moves

Who in their right mind sat down one day and said: “You know what will be fun? Let’s get a whole bunch of women together and have them re-create the way it went down during conception!” While you may get some nervous laughs, I can all but guarantee that watching Nana spreading her legs is not an idea of a good time… This definitely ranks up there with the worst baby shower games of all time.

7. Guess the Baby Food

For some reason, the Guess the Baby Food game is really popular at baby showers but I agree with the thousands of others out there and declare this to be one of the worst baby shower games. Adults have teeth for a reason. We can eat more complex food than mushed up sweet potatoes or green beans. Let’s leave the mushed up mess to the baby’s with no teeth.

The One Baby Shower Game That Is Sure To Be A Hit!

Looking for a unique baby shower game that is sure to be hit? Check out BabyBety’s Online Baby Pool. Guests try and guess exactly when the baby will be born. Expecting parents can create an online baby pool game then let all your guests know as they walk in to go to babybety.com, find your virtual baby pool and place their baby due date bets. One of the reasons I think you will love it is because men love this game! It’s like March Madness and fantasy football but with a baby. After the baby is born, BabyBety tallies the results and declares a winner. Then you can split the pot and help mommy-to-be out.

Written by Whitney Rowley