15 Funny Mom Sayings

Let’s live on the lighter side of parenting. Taking everything serious, is seriously exhausting! Laughing at yourself is on the best remedies to turning a bad day into a better one.


Here are 15 funny Mom sayings (for the mamas with a sense of humor)


1. I love it when I find myself screaming “STOP SCREAMING” to my kids

I’m setting a great example.


2. Hey train wreck. This isn’t your station.

I’m aware, keep on movin.


3. Have you ever looked at the last few loads of laundry and considered throwing them away?

Considered it? Done it multiple times.


4. If I ever go missing. Please follow my kids. They can find me no matter where I try to hide.

Every. Single. Time.


5. As kids we wondered why our parents were always in a bad mood. Now, we’re like ‘ooohhhh’

Makes sense…


6. I hate it when I play with my kids for 7 hours, then it turns out it was only 20 minutes.

They say time flies when you’re having fun.


7. When I tell my kids I will do something in a minute, what I am really saying is ‘please forget’

I’m banking on them forgetting


8.  Interviewer: Tell me about a time you once dealt with a difficult situation. Mom ‘I once had a four year old’. Interviewer ‘You are hired’.

Sending good vibes to all the moms with 2-4 year olds right now.


9. Dear Monday: My Momma don’t like you, and she likes everyone

Not a fan.


10. So it turns out, being a parent is mostly just googling symptoms your kid has.

Romantic nights with me and WebMD.


11. That awkward moment when  you’re not sure if you actually have free time, or if you are just forgetting something.

Most definitely forgetting something.


12. To hell with this shit. I am going on maternity leave. See ya!



13. Parenting is basically whispering “for fucks sake” under your breath before answering to your name.

Because if you don’t answer, they will just repeat it until you do. “Mom…Mooommm….MOOOOOMMMMMM”


14. A worried mother does better research than the FBI!

Don’t underestimate a worried mother!


15. Parenting was much easier when I was raising my non-existent kids hypothetically

My hypothetical kids listened so much better!


Hope you laughed just as hard as I did! Keep smiling and laughing Mama!

Written by Whitney Rowley