10 Slightly Unconventional Tips For First Time Parents

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Becoming a first time parent should be a happy time, filled with so much excitement you can hardly contain it! Too often though new parents are weighed down by what others may think of their parenting choices. Being a fairly confident (feel good in my own skin) person I never thought I would experience this. Here is a list of advice I wish someone would have told me!


  • It is YOUR choice.

Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, co-sleep or not and the ten thousand other decisions involving your baby is your and your partner’s choice. Don’t let anyone make you forget that or belittle you for your choices.


  • Don’t beat yourself up!

Parenting is not a competitive sport, the things you do or don’t do for your baby, for how your baby is suppose to be (and probably isn’t) don’t beat yourself up about it.


  • You do NOT need a thousand things.

You don’t need to go on a shopping spree for all things baby. Most of the “must haves” are optional, some do make life a little easier but others just clutter up your home.


  • You will not break the baby.

No first time parent will really believe it, but it’s true. Babies are not terribly fragile. Obviously supporting the head and neck correctly is vital, but you won’t “break” your baby.


  • Ignore the house, not yourself.

Easier said than done but this is one thing you need to force yourself to follow for the first few months. The dishes and laundry WILL wait I promise you.


  • Trial and error is how it goes.

Every first born (and every baby after for that matter) are a product of trial and error. Mistakes are made and not every parenting style fits every kids needs. You will figure out what works and what doesn’t, just go with it.


  • Things will never “go back to normal”.

The earlier on you realize this the better off you will be. This is your new normal, embrace it, love it.


  • Your baby looks like every other baby.

Babies change a ton the first few months, but honestly for a while they all kind of look the same, wrinkly and all.


  • The love connection builds over time.

You will feel an overwhelming sense of love and urge to protect your newborn, no doubt. Sometimes the love connection doesn’t happen instant and that’s okay, it doesn’t mean you are a bad parent.


  • Take all the advice given to you with a grain of salt.

I can’t tell you enough that any and all choices are up to you and your partner. Do what you feel is the best for you and the baby.


If you are worried about being a good parent, chances are you already are one. Stressing out about it does nothing but help you miss out on the best adventure of your life.

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Written by Whitney Rowley